Expand Your Wickr Network with Our Newly Enhanced Contacts UI

By Wendy Wong, Product @Wickr

Great news! We just released the update to help you find and add Wickr Pro and Wickr Me contacts.

You can now easily search and add users directly to Secure Rooms or Conversations by simply typing in their email. If your contacts are found, you can start messaging right away. As always, Wickr Pro users can connect with both Pro and Wickr Me users, if federation is enabled by your network administrator.


Your contact not on Wickr yet? Invite them via text or email right from your mobile app or desktop. Easy as that!

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Your feedback is always welcome. We love hearing from our users! Questions: support@wickr.com.

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More About Wickr

Our vision at Wickr is to build a suite of products that make encryption easy and scalable while focused on delivering industrial-strength privacy to our users. We started with Wickr Me, our free personal messenger that provides powerful encryption and secure chat to millions of subscribers worldwide. With the rising concerns about digital privacy in and out of the workplace, our Wickr Me users have helped us realize the value and importance of building a workplace, highly secure collaboration platform for teams. Wickr Pro platform is a Saas platform. Wickr Enterprise is as a hosted on-prem solution. Facilitated by federation or secure shared channels, Wickr Pro users can communicate beyond their networks to ensure their interactions are secure, private, and fully encrypted.

Security. Privacy. Encryption Made Easy.

Wickr Me: We’re Accessible in Iran

Photo: Max via Flickr

Photo: Max via Flickr

Rita Zolotova, Director of Public Policy @ Wickr

Wickr is built on a strong belief that privacy is a universal human right that fuels global innovation and economic growth and empowers democracy.

In an effort to enable private communications for the most vulnerable communities around the world, Wickr has opened access to its free private messenger Wickr Me for Iranian users. We have long worked with human rights activist and journalist communities in high-risk environments and know firsthand how important it is for civil society to have tools that enable strong default rather than opt-in end-to-end privacy. Strong encryption is exactly what keeps people alive in the face of government threats to not only prosecute, but execute peaceful protesters.


Source: Abdalaziz Alhamza, a Syrian journalist and activist

In response to the heightened need for easy and reliable peer-to-peer secure communications among human rights activists and protesters in Iran, Wickr will continue building tools and features to support free speech and privacy for citizens, activists and reporters worldwide. This is one of the most fundamental and important use cases for encryption and we are proud to be on the frontlines.

Wickr's Transparency Report

Wickr's Transparency Report

Published Jan 2, 2018

Wickr is committed to meeting and exceeding industry standards for transparency reporting. In this report you will discover the details of the past six months of our receipt and responses to user information requests or legal processes from July 1, 2017 until December 31, 2017. Additional information can be found in our Legal Process Guidelines.

Our Philosophy & Impact

At Wickr, we hold a long-standing belief that transparency is a prerequisite to earning our users’ trust and growing our platform. And while the messages we secure will never­­­ be outwardly visible, our practices, policies and philosophies – especially as they relate to how our privacy practices - should be front and center. Our semi-annual transparency reporting practice is designed to inform users about requests for their account information.

Beyond Eavesdropping: Adversarial Models for Secure Messaging

In an age of ever more sophisticated cybercrime and mass surveillance, secure communication is an increasingly rare and premium commodity. As we develop better methods and models for protecting communication streams, it is essential to examine how the threat model for secure messaging applications has evolved beyond the traditional man-in-the-middle attack. This plays a crucial role in guiding the development of new secure communication tools to better address proven dangers to our digital security.