Wickr's Vision & Technology recognized By The World Economic Forum

Today, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has named Wickr a 2016 Technology Pioneer for our visionary approach and unwavering commitment to building a private communications platform that dramatically improves the security of individuals and businesses worldwide. Wickr is honored to join an outstanding community of innovators and thought leaders including Mozilla, Wikimedia Foundation, Ushahidi, Twitter, Palantir Technologies, CloudFlare, and GitHub – to name just a few.

 Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Global technology markets are experiencing explosive growth across industries – from banking systems processing over 14 trillion dollar-denominated transactions daily to the Internet of Things expected to add over 25 billion connected devices by 2020. Concurrently, cyber security spending aimed at protecting and powering this growth is projected to more than double in just 5 years, reaching over $170 billion. Yet, despite the surge of investment in cyber security, the scale and the number of successful cyber attacks and breaches continue to skyrocket worldwide, leaving the security of critical financial, transportation, and communications infrastructure increasingly vulnerable.

We at Wickr believe that strong encryption by default should be the new norm for everyone – individuals and businesses alike. The hyper-connected world in which we live requires a fundamentally different approach to how we build our technology. Since its founding, Wickr has placed its focus and commitment on designing a system that employs the best-in-class encryption technology to enable secure data transfers in the most complex environments with the utmost speed and reliability. We are on a mission to set the highest possible standard for secure communications, making adoption of strong encryption and the establishment of secure private networks easy to deploy, intuitive to use and immediately scalable.

Accelerating technology growth pressures companies — large and small — across the globe to push products out to the market as fast as possible, often leaving security out. In addition, our society increasingly depends on legacy systems built decades ago, which have been repaired over and over again to successfully interface with newer networks. This patchwork solution is similar to building a house by adding story after story onto a foundation that was never engineered to handle such pressure and complexity. At Wickr, we believe it is time to start building security into every technology to create a reliable foundation from the outset, rather than continue to add layers of vulnerabilities to the global systems on which our society increasingly depends.

Wickr’s mission is to power the growth of global industries and communications networks with 21st—century encryption technology, raising the bar of privacy and security for both individuals and businesses. Founded on the belief that private communications is a universal human right that enables innovation and empowers democracy, Wickr remains resolute in providing safeguards against global cyber security threats, and to being a vigorous advocate for our partners and users worldwide.