New Look - Same Security DNA

To celebrate the progress we have made in expanding Wickr’s reach across consumer and enterprise markets, we are excited to unveil the new Wickr brand. Today, with the new brand, we release updates to Wickr Messenger across all platforms, adding powerful new security features and improving the user experience of our encryption product for consumers.

Additionally, our customers have shown a growing demand for secure communications and collaboration among businesses and institutions, which has inspired us to create a new enterprise product line. We will be sharing more on Wickr Professional in the weeks to come.

Wickr was founded by the security-focused, for the security-focused.  We remain steadfast in that commitment.  The current environment offered us an opportunity not only to think about our business and our company, but also the way we present ourselves to the world.

The new Wickr brand is the result of a deep dive into our mission, culture, vision and market.  The process of re-imagining and affirming Wickr’s identity not only yielded new products, but also the palette of colors, fonts and symbols before you. Our black and white color palette represents our all or nothing approach to private communications. There is no gray area - 100% of what we do here is focused on making sure our users’ communications are safe. The double slash mark in our new logo is a nod to Wickr’s coder and hacker DNA.

Wickr has a proud history and we invite you to share our excitement about what Wickr is becoming.