Electronic Frontier Foundation: Wickr Has Your Back

Since its founding, Wickr’s mission has been to equip people and businesses around the world with an easy-to-use end-to-end encryption platform that ensures the privacy and security of communications in any digital format. We aim to raise the bar for what is accepted as a minimally viable encryption solution.

In recognition of our continuous commitment to privacy and transparency, Wickr received a perfect score in the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s annual report: “Who Has Your Back.” Wickr is among only nine organizations that earned stars in every category available to them: “[these] companies show that it is practical for major technology companies to adopt best practices around transparency and stand by their users when the government comes knocking.”

Today, high-profile cyber security breaches have compelled companies and governments to re-evaluate and strengthen their data protection practices. For all of our users — businesses and individuals alike — the value of transmitting information securely has never been greater. The stakes are high: we need to protect the integrity of our financial systems, ensure the privacy of healthcare communications, and secure the flow of personal information between IoT devices and applications. With its strong security foundation, Wickr is uniquely positioned to power the growth of the technology industry while providing our partners with safeguards to protect their intellectual property, infrastructure, reputations, client information, and transactions.

Our partners and users often ask us how they can best protect their digital assets and personal information, and how Wickr responds to government requests for user information. In view of an ongoing public debate over privacy and data security and our continuing pursuit of transparency with our users, we would like to share with you our views and policies on these issues:

Wickr employs perfect forward secrecy as part of our patented end-to-end encryption platform. That means that Wickr never has access to the encryption keys that are generated for each new transaction. Consequently, all data passing through our network is encrypted at all times, and Wickr has no access to unencrypted user content.

Wickr does not have and never will have a backdoor in our service. It is our firm belief that strong encryption standards are essential to protecting our critical infrastructure and common security.

Wickr will continue to comply with all laws and regulations governing data protection, as well as standards regulating specific industries including finance, healthcare, and education.

Wickr will continue its practice of publishing quarterly transparency reports to outline our data retention and privacy policies, and methods of handling user data and government requests for user information.

Wickr’s technology and platform design sets it apart from many others in the communications space. Our business is built on providing the best-in-class secure private messaging network to our users and enterprise partners. To us, this means that content transmitted through our network belongs to our users. For that reason, it is our expectation that a government would approach our users directly with any interest in their data and communications. To highlight Wickr’s commitment to its users and partners, we offer the following assurances, as well as our recommendations to governments, civil society and our colleagues in the technology space:

  • If the U.S. government were to serve a national security order on Wickr to obtain data from an enterprise client and impose a gag order that prohibits Wickr from notifying that client, Wickr will take appropriate steps to challenge the gag order through judicial action or other means.
  • Wickr is committed to cooperating with law enforcement within the bounds of the law requiring the government to present valid legal process before any request for user information is considered.
  • Unless legally prohibited from doing so, we will make reasonable efforts to notify our users of government requests before we disclose their data.
  • Wickr will continue to advocate for and engage governments and pubic interests groups to adopt policies that promote free flow of information while preserving strong encryption standards.

We urge governments, civil society and technology leaders to engage in a meaningful public discussion about privacy and security implications of expanding data collection practices and increasingly ubiquitous technology applications.

We at Wickr strongly believe in the importance of building security into all technology applications. In a world where major cyber attacks compromise personal information of millions of people, Wickr’s platform is designed to safeguard against these global threats. Wickr is committed to continuously improving our technology to stay abreast of new security challenges and to being a vigorous and trustworthy advocate for our partners and users worldwide.