Wickr's Commitment to Data Security

A national debate has erupted over the recent U.S. District Court order in which the U.S. government is trying to compel Apple Computer to unlock the iPhone at the center of an ongoing investigation.  Looking beyond the specific assertions by parties to the case, there is a broad set of issues caught between the headlines:  individual privacy rights, the state of encryption technology, and the rights and responsibilities of companies that develop encryption software.  

Wickr was founded on the belief that ownership of private communication is a fundamental human right that extends to our organizations and businesses.  The right to privacy, like freedom of speech, empowers democracy, enables innovation and promotes commerce.

Wickr is being built upon a bedrock of security technology that facilitates end-to-end encrypted communications of all types; a cornerstone feature in our consumer and enterprise products.  Wickr builds these tools because we are committed to safeguarding our customers’ private and proprietary information.  Preserving the chain of custody for digital information is integral to Wickr’s mission. We remain as committed to that protection as we did on our first day, allowing consumers and businesses to take control and protect their data.

Strong and readily available encryption tools are critical in a world where governmental systems, critical infrastructure, and businesses both large and small increasingly rely on technology.  Erosion of, or limitations on the ability of individuals and businesses to use encryption that crosses the highest bar could have far-reaching international policy and security implications.   

The rapid proliferation of connected devices that store and transmit high-value information raise the stakes for all of us — from law enforcement officers to policy-makers to technologists. Careful development of long-term strategies to clarify public policy and fortify critical information systems against criminal attacks is a worthwhile pursuit.

Wickr welcomes a rigorous, public and congressional debate on cyber security and encryption and we applaud President Obama for creating the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. The Commission has strong and credible leadership of the highest order.  We look forward to the thoughtful and balanced insight that they will bring to this global conversation.