Wickr Me Private Messenger: Update & What's Coming Next

We will now be delivering updates and new features to all apps on a regular basis. This is great for product stability and feature enhancements across all Wickr products.

Here are a few quick responses to your most frequent questions:

Why the update?

This update was all about better crypto and security. A significantly lighter and faster protocol, wickr-crypto-c enables scalable, strong perfect forward and backward secrecy and ephemeral collaboration for all Wickr users. The core crypto code is published on GitHub, documented here, and vetted by top security teams.

This is a huge step forward for Wickr Me and the industry. More efficient key management for group conversations means faster, safer and more private communications. We have more cryptographic innovation coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Message notification

I don’t want anyone to see who’s messaging me on Wickr Me, how?

You can turn all notifications off in which case you will continue receiving messages, but notifications won’t appear on your home screen. More granular control over your app notifications are coming. You’ll be able to set to receive anonymous notifications to only inform you that you got a new Wickr Me message.

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Where did the message locks go and does this impact the privacy of my messages?

Your Wickr Me communication is end-to-end encrypted as always: each message is protected with a new encryption key to ensure that no one, including Wickr can access your content – only you and your recipient(s). Wickr encrypts your messages in transit, and they are encrypted at rest on your app. More on Wickr security here and privacy here.

Wait, what about the locks and what is BOR?

BOR stands for Burn-On-Read.  BOR is a user setting that gives the sender the ability to ensure a specific message or file expires – or burns – a specified time after a recipient reads it. Previously on Wickr Me, the locks served as a trigger for starting the BOR timer. In the new interface, you can set both the Expiration and BOR for each conversation/message. You can find BOR and expiration settings by clicking the (i) button next to the name of a conversation. We're planning to bring back the message locks and global option for BOR soon! More on BOR here.



Message Recall – where do I find it?

In addition to being able to manage your ephemerality settings, you can now take control over your conversations by using a recall feature. It allows you to retract a message or a file after you sent it. The message will be deleted from all the recipient(s) devices as soon as they come online.

How do I find a secure shredder?

Wickr’s secure shredder is now built-in and running in the background, deploying forensic deletion techniques to all messages. There is no need to activate it – you only need to delete an item or remove the conversation to have all the items securely shred.

View Only Images was my favorite feature, can I have it back?

We heard your feedback, the Tap & Hold for images will be coming back in future releases so please stay tuned!

However, check out the new secure file transfer – you can share files of any format to share securely via Wickr Me. On desktop, you can simply drag and drop a document or a photo to send it end-to-end encrypted with a set expiration timer. Soon, we’ll be adding support for code snippets so our users focused on workflow automation and devops can securely share information in markdown.

This feature supports collaboration and maximum data hygiene for parties who trust each other. If you do not trust the person you’re talking to, do not open files coming from them or send them photos/files you do not want to be saved.

More new things are coming to Wickr Me to provide private and secure communications for all. Stay tuned!