Update: Contact Finder, Message Recall, and Group Management

  Wickr  Pro & Wickr Plus Update: Private collaboration platforms for team and enterprises

Wickr Pro & Wickr Plus Update: Private collaboration platforms for team and enterprises

By Randy Brumfield, Head of Customer Success at Wickr

We are passionate about building tools to help you to collaborate in the most secure way possible. I hope the updates we released today will make it easier for your team to do just that🔒
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Today’s Wickr Pro and Wickr Plus updates include some great changes to how you can find friends and colleagues on your respective Wickr apps, recall messages that are already sent and leave group conversations.

Before I dive into the details on new features, I wanted to thank our growing community for continuously sharing your feedback with us, you are directly influencing what features come next to Wickr private collaboration apps across all platforms. 👏 

So here are the new cool things available today in Pro and Plus:

ID Connect (Optional):

To enable your contacts to find you on Wickr Pro or Wickr Plus, you can securely associate your phone number with your Wickr ID. Wickr never stores or has access to your information.

Contact Finder (Optional):

To find friends and colleagues on Wickr Pro or Wickr Plus, you can enable access to your device’s contacts for Wickr in which case the app will securely check if any of your contacts are on Wickr Pro / Wickr Plus. Wickr does not store nor has access to your contact list.

Find friends and colleagues on your Wickr app and start communicating securely and sharing files in an end-to-end encrypted environment with ephemerality controls at your fingertips.

Local custom names for Wickr contacts:

You can assign custom names to your colleagues you communicate with on your Wickr app so you can find them easier in your contact list and when using @mentions.

Recall Message:

Recall a message after it was sent. Messages will be deleted from all devices of all participants in a Secure Room, Group or 1:1 Conversation as soon as they are online.

Recall messages after they are sent

Delete Message:

You can now delete a message from your devices, locally. This will not affect messages on the recipients’ devices.

Leave Network:

You can leave your current Network at any time if moving onto another team or company.

Finally, a few minor branding changes are in for Wickr Plus (Wickr SCIF in its previous life😊).

As always, we welcome your feedback and please remember to update your Wickr apps.

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