Wickr Me: We’re Accessible in Iran

 Photo: Max via Flickr

Photo: Max via Flickr

Rita Zolotova, Director of Public Policy @ Wickr

Wickr is built on a strong belief that privacy is a universal human right that fuels global innovation and economic growth and empowers democracy.

In an effort to enable private communications for the most vulnerable communities around the world, Wickr has opened access to its free private messenger Wickr Me for Iranian users. We have long worked with human rights activist and journalist communities in high-risk environments and know firsthand how important it is for civil society to have tools that enable strong default rather than opt-in end-to-end privacy. Strong encryption is exactly what keeps people alive in the face of government threats to not only prosecute, but execute peaceful protesters.


Source: Abdalaziz Alhamza, a Syrian journalist and activist

In response to the heightened need for easy and reliable peer-to-peer secure communications among human rights activists and protesters in Iran, Wickr will continue building tools and features to support free speech and privacy for citizens, activists and reporters worldwide. This is one of the most fundamental and important use cases for encryption and we are proud to be on the frontlines.