Extending privacy to voice across the entire Wickr platform 

Privacy of a face-to-face conversation is just a click away

Joel Wallenstrom, Wickr CEO

Since we added calling to Wickr Pro, teams have enjoyed end-to-end encrypted conferencing across the office or with partners across the world. From executives to security researchers to political campaigns, Pro users have the same privacy connecting on the phone as they would in a face-to-face conversation.

Today, encrypted calling is coming to millions of Wickr Me users, along with private voice messages soon to be followed by screenshot detection for iOS and Android across all apps.

There has been a massive shift in how we communicate – fast, always typing away in non-stop staccato mode. However, a vast majority of enterprise collaboration tools haven’t kept up with the security risks facing their users. From business email breaches to slack channels getting exposed, the result is a much higher risk to critical business communications and personal data, increasingly vulnerable to compromise and theft.

With this update, we’re making it easy to use strong vetted encryption and ephemerality for anyone — for personal or business conversations, so there is no more reason to jump to insecure apps to make a phone call or leave a message.


1. End-to-end encrypted calling: no requirement to connect your phone number to your Wickr account making completely private voice conversations a reality for journalists and their sources, human rights activist and anyone who cares about their privacy.
2. Encrypted and ephemeral voice messages: tap and record a voice memo when you have something urgent to say. Like everything else on Wickr, it’ll expire when you no longer need it.
3. Screenshot detection for both iOS an Android coming in next release: while there is no privacy silver bullet, transparency around capturing messages enables trust and helps set privacy expectations between you and your contacts.
In protecting critical data & communications, people finally realize expiring messages is safer than just encrypting them.
— Dan Kaminsky, Information Security Expert

 With the addition of encrypted calling to our free private messenger, it becomes even easier for teams to bring external collaborators in – think vendors, consultants, outside legal counsels, freelancers, independent researchers – without ever losing control over critical data. Every enterprise network on Wickr Pro can add anyone they work with to secure and private conference calls, quickly and easily.

Let's say you run a large tech company or a political campaign and have hundreds of vendors, partners, or volunteers who may be sharing valuable data or contributing to some of your most sensitive projects. With today’s update, you can quickly (and free) get them up and running on Wickr Me to connect with your headquarters on Wickr Pro.

And when you add them to your private channels, Wickr Me users can immediately join end-to-end encrypted group video calls, screen sharing, and receive large files for as long as you need to stay in touch. This level of data privacy and control of every aspect of digital communication is, as of today, absolutely unique.

Finally, as we continue to expand our open source initiative, Wickr’s crypto source code powering calling is now open on GitHub so anyone in the public can audit the platform’s security.

Want more information on calling for Wickr Me?

With encrypted calling and ephemeral voice memos, users who turn to Wickr Me for secure messaging can extend the same privacy to real time voice conversations. Every call, just like any message or file, is encrypted device to device.
Additionally, encryption keys rotate every 512 packets. Both peer-to-peer encryption and perfect forward secrecy are to ensure higher privacy and resilience against MiTM compromise: for example, surveillance from your ISP or a compromised Wickr server. As always, everything is encrypted before it leaves your device.

As always, please share your feedback so we can make Wickr the best private communications platform it can be: support@wickr.com.