Wickr How To: Broadcast Bot

The Wickr Broadcast Bot allows you to broadcast messages to all of the members of your network or specific security groups. The messages will be sent to each individual within the network or security group using Wickr 1:1 conversations. You can broadcast either messages, files or voice memos. Users that receive a broadcast from the Broadcast Bot can also acknowledge receiving messages using the /ack command).

To send a broadcast, simply select the bot within 1:1 conversations.

In the example seen in the video above, the CO (Diffie) wants to RECALL units back to the Base. The CO can easily issue some very simple commands to the CO_BroadCast_Bot. To ensure the RECALL is sent and received, the CO optioned the message to be repeated 3 times, every 15mins. The CO will also receive the status of his RECALL message from the Bot. A quick status check of the message can also be delivered in a CSV report. To ensure continuity and to have a back-up if the CO is on TDY or deployed, the CO can add his or her Deputy CO as a co-Admin of the CO_Broadcast_Bot. CO’s can also send voice memos to the entire personnel instead of typing out a message. To send a voice memo, go to the secure audio message microphone while in the CO_Broadcast_Bot, record your message to the units, and send.

Squadrons and Squadron Teams can also share mission information with the Broadcast Bot. It’s completely secure, trusted, and compliant. In another example, a Squadron Leader (Alice) wants to send FOUO mission documents to their team so they are prepared to take action. The Squadron Leader can easily issue some very simple commands to the Squad_BroadCast_Bot. Just as before, the Squad Leader will receive the status of her message from the Bot.
For more information on available bots and integrations, please visit the Wickr IO Integration Gateway on GitHub, or email us at support@wickr.com.

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