Wickr Pro Is Your Secure Team Collaboration Space.

Fully encrypted. Enterprise-compliant. Private.
Set up in minutes and invite your team to join your private Wickr Network.


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Getting started is easy!
Create a Wickr Pro Network


Set up admin account


Invite your team


Download Wickr Pro

30-days free // No obligation, cancel anytime // Billing starts after 30days, $25/month/user

Smart teams choose Wickr Pro for end-to-end encrypted collaboration.
From file sharing, voice & video calls, to real-time screen sharing.

Secure Rooms For Teams & Projects

Collaborate effortlessly and securely. Default end-to-end encryption. Enterprise-compliance ready.

Secure Cross Network Collaboration

Users in one Wickr network can collaborate seamlessly with partners in other Wickr networks while still maintaining security and ephemerality controls.

Secure Data Transfer

Keep your data secure across all platforms. Every message, file and call is encrypted with a new random key. Ephemeral & burn-on-read settings at your fingertips.

Secure Voice & Video Conferencing

Security verified from device to device. Connect securely with your teams.

Secure Screen Share *New*

On the go or in the office, collaborate with your teams in real-time.


Now introducing secure screen share. Learn more here.

Billions of conversations happen every minute across the globe.
Wickr protects your conversations with out-of-the-box multi-layered cryptography and default ephemerality.



Enterprise compliance-ready

Our customers have strict compliance policies. Wickr helps them stay on point. Read more.

Industrial strength encryption

Backed by 120 patents, our crypto R&D team maintains crypto policies that undergo rigorous NCC audits. Read more.

Control your privacy

Set and maintain control on who has access to your messages and how long. No one else can touch your data, including Wickr. Read more.

Secure your data

Across platforms and devices, stay securely connected anywhere you go, any time. Read more.


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