Adopting Ephemeral Technology in the Workplace

One of the best things about my job is experiencing first-hand how the secure ephemeral communication technology we build helps customers across industries and governments solve critical problems that they face daily.

Whether it’s a law firm communicating on an M&A transaction, a media company protecting high-value client assets, or an incident response team dealing with real-time threat intelligence sharing, the need for a secure communication channel is a high priority for all.

Here at Wickr, we love to support our partners in understanding the role that tools like AWS Wickr can play in assisting their organizations seamlessly transition into ephemeral operations and away from the data hoarding practices of yesteryear. The first step is always to start with understanding exactly what information security, communications, and retention requirements currently exist. Once established that there are credible business and security objectives that are effectively served by deploying ephemeral messaging – to either secure critical communications or disgorge communications that don’t need to live forever – AWS Wickr quickly becomes the solution of choice.

I am pleased to share a new white paper authored by credible voices in the legal community focused on addressing ephemeral communication tools like Wickr as a way forward for organizations who take information security seriously.

Warning: side effects may include significant improvement in information security and reduction in electronic discovery and data storage costs.

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