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Wickr was founded on a strong belief that privacy is a universal human right that fuels global innovation and economic growth, and empowers democracy. Our commitment to user privacy and security drives every product and policy decision we make as a company. With technology becoming largely ubiquitous, Wickr stands firmly for strong encryption standards accessible to all – businesses and individuals – to protect intellectual property and personal information.

We continuously improve the security architecture of Wickr Messenger and Wickr for Business. Our robust peer-to-peer and multilayered encryption; hardware-bound authentication protocol; key verification; and custom expiration settings all work together to protect your data and your conversations. Wickr never has access to the keys to decrypt your messages, which means our servers that process user communications are of no value to criminals looking for personal data. Your contact list never touches our servers unencrypted, so your network remains private.

At Wickr, we believe that transparency is key in earning and retaining your trust. We will always tell you exactly how  our technology works and how we handle your information. We regularly publish Transparency Reports detaining how we have responded to law enforcement requests for user information. We also undergo regular public security audits to verify the quality of our code and security policies.

It is our deepest commitment to support the expansion of strong and easy-to-use encryption and transparency across industries and countries to ensure our common security against criminal cyber-attacks. Wickr has never had and never will have a backdoor in its technology for any government

As a security-first company, we fully understand how critical the integrity of encryption protocols powering digital infrastructure is to protecting personal data. User trust is something we take very seriously. It is why we work tirelessly to ensure our encryption technology continues to advance and offer strong privacy protections to the Wickr community.


Wickr has adopted all of the best practices we’ve identified as part of this report. We commend Wickr for its strong stance regarding user rights, transparency, and privacy.
— Who Has Your Back Report, EFF

Trust Built on Transparency



We continuously update our privacy policy to ensure all latest features and ways in which they protect your privacy are explained in great detail. 

Your privacy is at the core of Wickr’s mission. We take pride in not only designing privacy and security in every product and feature we build, but also in telling you upfront and clear exactly how we handle your data.  



Your trust means everything to us, which is why we’re committed to being transparent about how we handle your data and how we respond to law enforcement requests for user data.

On a regular basis, we publish our Transparency reports where we outline our current policies and how many government requests we have received over in the past six months. 


It is important to us to support law enforcement’s mission to counter crime within the bounds of the law and to the best of our ability.

We require a warrant before handing over the contents of communications; however, because of the nature of our technology, the contents of communications is encrypted and undecipherable if obtained.