Privacy for All

At Wickr, we believe privacy is a universal human right. We know that privacy fuels global innovation and economic growth and empowers democracy.

Privacy cannot be only for a select few individuals or organizations. That is not the basis of a fair, safe and secure society.

This belief is essential to our fundamental philosophy that the communications of all Wickr users should always be private at all costs. The privacy of Wickr users – whether everyday citizens, members of the military or business professionals working in some of the world’s most critical organizations – is essential to our mission of delivering the world’s most secure communications platform.

We call this privacy for all.

This simple yet profound belief drives all our decisions – even when those decisions are neither easy nor popular.

Citizens from around the world regularly face arguments for limiting privacy. We couldn’t disagree more. Privacy should never be limited.

Other communications platforms store or share their users’ communications with governing bodies or third-parties. Wickr does not. We will never share the communications of Wickr users. In fact, Wickr does not have access to any encrypted communication conducted on our platform and conversations are never stored on our servers, thanks to our privacy-first architecture. Wickr enables enterprises to implement their own message archival and monitoring regimes in accordance with internal policies and government regulations.

Today, when the right to privacy is under attack across the world, we stand by our beliefs and our role as leaders in end-to-end encryption.

Wickr is committed to operating in an environment of complete transparency. Learn more about Wickr’s privacy position and how we respond to law enforcement requests using the buttons above.

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