International Women’s Day 2021: Kiersten Todt, Cyber Readiness Institute

This post originally appeared on Enterprise Security Tech.

Kiersten Todt, Managing Director and Co-Founder of the Cyber Readiness Institute:

“Women in cybersecurity have evolved through the recognition that the field of cybersecurity is inter-disciplinary and focuses on problem-solving and building solutions. Therefore, the capabilities needed in this space are broad-reaching and innovation will come from diverse perspectives. I believe strongly that engaging women should be about valuing the perspective they offer and creating opportunities for career growth. If companies value the diversity of perspective that women can offer, they must do the work to identify candidates who can grow and evolve in this space – and push themselves to hire individuals who can bring in diverse experiences and approaches to issues and problems.

We can engage more women in cybersecurity by educating them – and all people – on the talents, skills, and capabilities important to cybersecurity. The field is not just about math and science. However, we also need to engage all students at young ages in math and science – we should creatively demonstrate the applications of math and science beyond our traditional understandings to young children as they develop passion and interest.

To the young women interested in cybersecurity, I say go for it! Recognize and acknowledge your aptitudes and interests and be confident that the field of cybersecurity will benefit from your skills and expertise. We have a lot of problems to solve in this space and we should always be reaching beyond our comfort zone to look for solutions.”