Introducing: The Wickr Yes Machine

Yesterday’s enterprise was dominated by “all-in-one” software solutions that offered the broadest possible feature set to the broadest possible user base. As a result, enterprises that were very different in the way their people worked, shared, and interacted were forced to work alike, adjusting their processes to suit the capabilities of their software.

Today’s enterprise isn’t held back by one size fits all software solutions. Multiple best-of-breed solutions now dominate the landscape, giving companies the freedom to tailor their tools to their needs instead of the other way around.

Increasing awareness and capabilities around software integration are beginning to pour fuel on the fire of enterprise innovation. “Can you integrate with ____” is a question I hear from almost every new customer at this point, and putting ourselves in a position to say yes – first to things like LDAP and SSO but also in general – has been a top priority for some time now.

Today, full of pride and thanks to a world class product and engineering team, I’m excited to announce the release of our new integration product and yes machine: Wickr IO! Wickr IO is an integration gateway for that enables end-to-end secure, API-based integration with the Wickr platform. It’s fully customizable, built to be DIY and serves virtually limitless use cases, from integrating message bots and other services with AWS Wickr and Enterprise networks to allowing the Wickr platform to be used as a secure message delivery service for all kinds of automated content delivery and IoT.

It’s time to let your imagination go and integrate what you need to make Wickr work best for you. Learn more about WickrIO here. Get started documentation at, spread the word, and get to work!