Need to Keep Your Communications Secure? The Right Solution May be in the Cloud.

I have been at Wickr for almost three years and come from a more traditional software background. It’s interesting for me to now work with folks in the cybersecurity community and to understand their frame of reference.

The most senior of these folks come from a time when the only way to ensure the security of your applications was to host them yourself. Many of my kickoff sales calls start with the customer asking for the most secure solution possible in order to protect their communications. Their unspoken assumption is that such a solution must remain within their own four walls and could not be in the cloud.

Without question, there are a number of reasons why customers choose to go with self-hosted Wickr Enterprise. Some of our government, healthcare, and financial services customers need some of the capability that only Wickr Enterprise provides. However, for many of our clients, our cloud solutions are a perfect fit.

It is at this point that I get the opportunity to educate my future clients about Wickr’s unique value proposition, Zero Trust. Aside from Wickr’s unique encryption and native retention enforcement, which are two of the security differentiators of our product, I explain that Wickr never has a readable version of their content or user information. That means that neither Wickr nor anyone else can see their data. In addition, they also get the native advantages that come with any cloud-based solution, such as upgrades, maintenance, provisioning, etc. Businesses small and large have trusted other key information, such as their clients (CRM), employees (HCM), and products (Supply Chain), to cloud-based solutions for years. Wickr uniquely allows them to now do the same with their most sensitive information, whether it’s related to messaging, music streaming, report distribution, or location sharing. In any case, it’s good to know your options. We look forward to determining which model would work best for your organization.